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1967 Tulip Rally

LRX 827E

Racing History

Tulip Rally/Timo Makinen/Paul Easter 2nd Overall, 1st class (Group II)

Geneva Rally Tony Fall/Mike Wood, 1st category (Group II)

Alpine Rally Paddy Hopkirk/Ron Crellin, 1st overall, 1st class (Group 6) - The last international rally win for the Mini.

This Car is another superb original Rally car that has escaped from the Competitions Department by the back door. Sold to an MG Abingdon employee for the nominal sum of £25, as slightly rallied. The car was discovered in a sleepy road in Abingdon as a road car, still with one of its 'works' door pads screwed to the drivers door bin. The then owner even produced the original Abingdon receipt from 1968, signed by Tom Wellman the shop forman.

The car could not have gone to a better home, Gary has spent many many hours on it, and has done a wonderful job in restoration. It is a credit to his skills, he has acheived a wonderful balance, by not over restoring. The car still looks and feels like the day that the crews stepped from it, not like it just went through a paint factory!

1967 Tulip Rally

Full restoration to Group 6 Spec by Gary Corpe

In its restoration to Alpine spec, it is the only Group 6 car to be seen at present. (although two others exist, LRX 829E and JBL 172D) This is also one of the few original Competitions department bodyshells left in existence. Like 829E it had escaped any subsequent rallying, so remained in good condition, but still somewhat of a miracle.

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