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Paddy Hopkirk & Henry Liddon's 1964 Monte Carlo Rally Winning Cooper - at the Gaydon Museum of the British Motor Industry

Racing History

1963 Tour de France Paddy Hopkirk/ Henry Liddon, 3rd overall, 1st class.
1964 Monte Carlo Rally Paddy Hopkirk/ Henry Liddon, 1st overall, 1st class.

Retained by BMC as Display Car, and can still be seen at Gaydon Museum of the British Motor Industry in Warwick.

Paddy and Henry made a ground breaking victory for Britain and the Mini, fighting off opposition from the Ford Falcon Team with their lightweight and large capacity. They not only beat them on handicap but overall place aswell.

The victory was a popular one, with the drivers and car, treated as celebrities, and appearing on the London Paladium on stage. The Car, and several clones (other team cars from the event with the same numbers) were exhibited in showrooms all over the country.

This interior shot taken of the car in 1964 shows how different the early cars were with their flat dash panels. Heated screen was Gold film, operating on only the drivers side. Under the magnifying glass was an early Halda tripmeter. This car has been in continuous ownership of BMC and all its later incarnations.

On display...

...In it's 64'...

...Monte Carlo Livery

Gettin' down to business at Monte Carlo

Famous number just visible

'64 Monte Carlo Rally Winning Car with it's trophy - driven by Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon

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