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LLX358D L33 EJB Works Mini Rally Results                        

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1965 Monte Carlo Rally Winners

AJB 44B Fully restored

Racing History

Alpine Rally (1275cc) Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon - retired

Tour de France (970cc) Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon - retired

RAC Rally (1275cc) C Orrenius/R Dahlgren - retired

Monte Carlo Rally (1275cc) T Makinen/P Easter - 1st o/a 1st class

Timo Makinen and Paul Easter in AJB 44B Timo and Paul put up a fantastic effort, pushing on through the worst snow conditions, to win the event where many others failed to finish.

Source: www.smithmaps.fsnet.co.uk/indexmini.htm

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