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GRX 555D victorious at the '66 Monte Carlo - then disqualified

GRX 555D

Registered Jan 1966
Racing History

Monte Carlo Rally
Winners Timo Makinen/Paul Easter - 1st place - dsq

Polish Rauno Aaltonen/Henry Liddon - Retired

In January 1966 with Paddy Hopkirk in Mini plate number 'GRX 5D', Rauno Aaltonen in 'GRX 55D' and Timo Makinen in 'GRX 555D', the team set out for Monte Carlo, confident of another victory. All the cars were Mini Cooper 1275cc S models, built to comply with Group One racing regulations.

French officials inspecting the Mini. Like the previous two years, the Minis could not be caught and they quickly showed their supremacy. Just before the final section of the rally, an odd notice appeared at rally HQ stating that all competing cars had to be fitted with both a driving beam and a passing beam.
The French officials could not believe the Minis were dominating their race and so they set about scrutinizing the three cars in a desperate attempt to find an irregularity. Eight hours later, the Minis were disqualified because of their headlamps! The Works team was not even presented with a finishers plaque.

The Mini’s were back in 1967, headlights in order, and they won again, this time with the team of Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon.

The legend of the Mini as a giant-killer racer was assured.

Sold to L. Lamborne




In it's '66 Monte Carlo livery

1966 Monte Carlo Rally

French officials dismantle the car

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