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LLX358D L33 EJB Works Mini Rally Results                        

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Racing History

1965 Alpine Rally Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon, 4th cat, 2nd Class

1000 Lakes Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon, 6th overall

RAC Rally Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon, 13th overall, 2nd class

Geneva Rally Tony Fall/Henry Liddon, 2nd overall

Czech Rally S.Zasada/Z.Leszczuk, 4th overall, 1st class

Danube Rally

RAC Rally Marjetta Aaltonen/Carolyn Tyler to 37th overall

Sold to British Vita Racing

Televised Rallycross - Paddy Hopkirk

Club Rallying - Grahem Brown

1982 RAC Golden 50 - Grahem Brown
1984 Coronation Rally - Guy Smith


Pirelli Classic Marathon - Paddy Hopkirk/Alec Pool

Built by Mick Legge for the 1965 Alpine Rally, driven by Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon, won a Coupe D'Or (Silver cup) for three non consecutive clean (no penalty) events. Results 4th category, 2nd Class win.

1965 Alpine Rally

1965 1000 Lakes Rally

1965 RAC Rally of Great Britain

1966 RAC Rally of Great Britain

1966 Geneva Rally

1966 Czech Rally


All rally cars with history have had a hard life. Works Minis were expendable, being almost totally rebuilt after each event. If it were not for the events, however, then this would be just another Mini Cooper. The car is restored to the specification of its last works event, the 1966 RAC rally, consequently 30 years of further mini developement has to be ignored.

1989 Pirelli Classic Marathon in London

1989 Pielli Classic Marathon - Special Giau Stage

Paddy Hopkirk and EBL 56C at Millbrook filming for the BBC

The car passed to Grahem Brown, who used it for national rallies, and EBL was a well known car on northern events. One of its more noteable being the RAC Golden 50, driven by Grahem. As the restoration neared completion in 1988 the Pirelli Marathon was in the planning. What better outlet for all the effort, than to put Paddy Hopkirk back in the driving seat just one more time. Some of the original parts were temporarily removed to for the event to comply with modern rally safety rules.

Paddy duly drove EBL 56C for the 5 day event down to Cortina. He was consistently setting fastest times, and was leading until the thursday. He then broke a CV joint on the lower slopes of the Stelvio pass into Italy, and although the car was mended within the hour, it was enough penalty points to push him to 64th place. Paddy was still in the event, but with only two more special stages to go (uphill), he was second behind Makinen's Healey 3000 67 ARX on the two final mountain climbs, his final place being 13th overall, 1st class.

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