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Transporters ready to go

Back of van

Bullion van gets hit

Water cannon

Bullion van in Palazzo Carignano

Coopers in place

Huge doors rattle

Coopers are loaded

Transporter loses cargo

and again

Alfa police car gets squashed

Getaway van

Red Cooper on the run

We won didn't we?

Stairs not a problem

Down 'ere lads

Watch out

I could eat a horse!

Keep up

Galleria San Federico

Slippy floor!

Cleaner not happy

Out the way

Police block the way

Onto the street

Down the subway

Up the roof

Down the roof!

Parked up!

Onto the Fiat roof test track

Find an exit

Put your foot down

Keep up Tony

60ft Jump

Heading for the weir

Across the River Po Weir

Halfway across

Out of the weir

Through the Sewer

Sewer exit

Head to the Autostrada

Make for the Colle S. Bernardo

Chase the coach

Get the wheels in line

Get ready

Brake brake

1 down, 2 to go


Second try

All In

Unload the gold

Mountain hairpins

Big Willian at the helm

Blue Mini out

White Mini out

Red Mini out



Counterbalance me

Hang on a minute lads, I've gotta great idea...err..err..
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