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Viaduct in opening credits

Miura on Viaduct

Beckerman's Miura

...and again

Miura's flank

Before entering tunnel...

The end of Beckerman

Miura disposed of

Charlie leaving prison

Charlie spots Lorna

Pakistani ambassadors car

Leaving prison in style

Charlie collects his DB4

Lord Croker!

Charlies 'welcome home' present

Message from Mrs. Beckerman

Checking footage on milk float

$4m through a traffic jam

Beckerman explains job

Hazel my lovely!!

Charlie breaks into prison!

Bridger & Croker in toilet

Keats, give Croker a going over

Bridger reads the paper

Charlie gets some visitors

Charlie's 'birds' on the run

Lorna's not happy!

Freddy & Charlie meet Mrs. Peach


Lorna & Charlie at the garage

Are they quartz-irodine?

I don't like the colour

Coopers in training

Use your brakes Chris

Too much explosive?

You're only supposed to...

Here, here and here

Heading for the continent

Crokers Coach Tours

London - Turin!

Nice paint finish

The Jags & Aston

Not the AA

Insurance bonus gone

Pretty car...

DB4 takes a short cut

England is that way

Charlie loses his bike

Gold arrives from China

Lorna boards for Geneva

$4m of gold

Base camp in Italy

The map will be in your head

I want your wallets

Gold ready to roll

Mafia ready to roll

Mafia follows bullion convoy

The chaos begins

Traffic jam begins

Land Rover down backstreets
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