Works Mini Coopers at Monte Carlo
BMC's thundering giant killing Works Coopers


1964 Monte Carlo Win for Hopkirk & Lindon was big news

BMC team's officially won the Monte 3 times
Starting from different parts of Europe, and all converging on the principality of Monaco in the riviera sunshine, the Monte Carlo Rally was surely the highest prifile event of the international calender. Both drivers and manufacturers striving to gain winning spots in front of the world.

Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon in 33 EJB . Paddy succesfully beat off stiff opposition from the Ford Falcon team. Paddy and Henry returned to appear on stage at the London Paladium, such was the euphoria surrounding their win.

Timo Makinen/Paul Easter in AJB 44B Timo and Paul put up a fantastic effort, pushing on through the worst snow conditions, to finish the event where many others failed to finish.

The team technically won, the Minis finishing with Timo 1st GRX 555D, Rauno 2nd GRX 55D, and Paddy 3rd GRX 5D.
The French suspected cheating and immediately dissasembled the minis. The cars were gone over and over, with the organisers intent on proving that the English were cheating. Eventually they announced that the headlamp bulbs were illegal, and pronounced Citroen to be the winners. BMC undoubtedly gained more publicity from the disqualification than they would have done by winning.

Rauno Aaltonen/Henry Liddon in LBL 6D Rauno's extreme performance was sweet revenge after the previous year. With stiff opposition as usual from Vic Elford in the Porsche, this was a fitting finale to the Team under the professional guidance of Stuart Turner.

Monte Carlo Rally Entrants 1960-1968
BMC entries (Minis)

618 AOG 850cc mini, P Riley/R Jones, 23rd o/a
TMO 561 850cc mini, D Morley/E Morley, 33rd o/a
619 AOG 850cc mini, T Wisdom/J Hay, 55th o/a
TMO 560 850cc mini, A Pitts/A Ambrose, 73rd o/a
617 AOG 850cc mini, N Mitchell/P Allison, retired
TMO 559 850cc mini, P Ozanne/N Gilmour, retired
TMO 559 850cc mini, P Garnier/R Jones, retired
TMO 560 850cc mini, T Christie/N Paterson, retired
TMO 561 850cc mini, D Astle/S Wooley, retired
737 ABL 997 Cooper, P Moss/A Wisdom, 26th o/a 7th class
363 DOC 850cc mini, R Jones/P Morgan, 77th o/a 3rd class
11 NYB 997 Cooper, R Aaltonen/G Mabbs, crashed and burnt out
977 ARX 997 Cooper, R Aaltonen/A Ambrose 3rd overall, 1st class
407 ARX 997 Cooper, P Hopkirk/J Scott, 6th o/a 2nd class
737 ABL 997 Cooper, P Mayman/V Domleo, 28th o/a
477 BBL 997 Cooper, L Morrison/B Culcheth, 44th o/a 1st class
33 EJB 1071 Cooper S, P Hopkirk/H Liddon, 1st o/a 1st class
570 FMO 1071 Cooper S, T Makinen/P Vanson, 4th o/a 2nd class
569 FMO 1071 Cooper S, R Aaltonen/A Ambrose, 7th o/a 3rd class
477 BBL 997 Cooper, R Baxter/E McMillan, 43rd o/a 2nd class
277 EBL 1071 Cooper S, P Mayman/V Domleo, crashed
18 CRX 1071 Cooper S, J Thompson/F Heys, crashed
AJB 44B 1275 Cooper S, T Makinen/P Easter, 1st o/a 1st class
CRX 91B 1275 Cooper S, P Hopkirk/H Liddon, 26th o/a 1st class
CRX 90B 1275 Cooper S, D Morley/E Morley, 27th o/a 2nd class
CRX 88B 1275 Cooper S, R Aaltonen/A Ambrose, retired
AGU 780B 1275 Cooper S, H Kallstrom/R Haakansson, retired
8 EMO 1275 Cooper S, R Baxter/J Scott, retired
GRX 555D 1275 Cooper S, T Makinen/P Easter, disqualified
GRX 55D 1275 Cooper S, R Aaltonen/A Ambrose, disqualified
GRX 5D 1275 Cooper S, P Hopkirk/H Liddon, disqualified
GRX 195D 1275 Cooper S, R Baxter/J Scott, disqualified
LBL 6D 1275 Cooper S, R Aaltonen/A Ambrose, 1st o/a 1st class
LBL 666D 1275 Cooper S, P Hopkirk/H Liddon, 6th o/a 5th class
LBL 606D 1275 Cooper S, T Fall/R Joss, 10th o/a
HJB 656D 1275 Cooper S, S Lampinen/M Wood, 15th o/a
LBL 66D 1275 Cooper S, T Makinen/P Easter, 41st o/a
ORX 7F 1275 Cooper S, R Aaltonen/H Liddon, 3rd o/a 1st cat
ORX 707F 1275 Cooper S, T Fall/M Wood, 4th o/a 2nd cat
ORX 777F 1275 Cooper S, P Hopkirk/R Crellin, 5th o/a 3rd cat
ORX 77F 1275 Cooper S, T Makinen/P Easter, 55th o/a

LBL 66D - 1967 Monte Carlo Rally Timo Makinen/Paul Easter - 41st place overall

1967 Monte Carlo Rally winners, Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon celebrate in Monaco

Service Halt for CRX 90B - D. Morley on the '65 Monte Carlo Rally

Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon's 1964 Monte Carlo Rally Winner - 33 EJB

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