Name: RECEPTIONIST (Uncredited)
Aka's: n/a
Nationality: British
Role: Receptionist at the Royal Lancaster hotel that Croker checked into after being released from prison

Previous Convictions: n/a

Memorable Quote:
Real name: Valerie Leon
Born: 12th November 1945 in London, UK
Other: She had a similar role in the Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.

Career Information
Valeria Leon became a familiar face on British television during the 1970s for her regular appearences in the "Hai Karate" aftershave commercials.
Was married to Prod/Dir Michael Mills who died in 1988 (has two grown up children).

Appeared in seven 'Carry On' films, and was a sex siren of the late 1960's and 1970's.


Never Say Never Again (1983)
Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)
The Wild Geese (1978)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Queen Kong (1976)
The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1975)
Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (1974)
Carry On Girls (1973)
No Sex, Please - We're British (1973)
Carry On Christmas: Carry On Stuffing (1972) (TV)
Carry On Matron (1972)
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971)
All the Way Up (1970)
Carry On Up the Jungle (1970)
The Man Who Had Power Over Women (1970)
The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970)
Carry On Again, Doctor (1969)
Carry On Camping (1969)
A Promise of Bed (1969)
Zeta One (1969)
Carry On Up the Khyber (1968)
Smashing Time (1967)


Notable Guest TV Appearances

The Goodies (1970) - playing The Seductress in episode: It Might As Well Be String
Space: 1999 (1975) - playing Thulian Beauty in episode: Death's Other Dominion
The Persuaders! (1971) - playing Space Queen in episode: The Long Goodbye
The Saint (1962) - playing Therese in episode: To Kill a Saint

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