Name: TONY
Aka's: n/a
Nationality: British
Role: Cooper Driver
Previous Convictions: n/a

Sound Clip: "Alright, alright"
Real name: Richard Essame
Born: 1939
Richard worked primarily as a model. Notably for an advertising campaign for Marlboro in Germany.
He was the owner of the red Jag, 848 CRY. After driving it to location in Italy, the production crew made an offer and bought it off him for use in the film.

He was offered a larger role in the film, but his acting experience was minimal and felt nervous, so his envolvement was reduced.

After fimling Richard continued with his modelling career and replaced 848 CRY with another E-Type, a modified yellow V12.

NB. The surname is Essame, not Essome, as some other internet sources state. (We made the same error - the index to the left will be edited soon to reflect this)

Model images of Richard Essame (You can see the yellow E-Type in some of them)


The Stud (1978)

Thanks goes to Richards newphew, Oliver Essame who provided us with all the above information.

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