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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the BMC Competitions Department we have teamed up with Studio1882.com to bring you a series of exclusive original paintings & prints
:: 'On the Roof' from The Italian Job Series
:: Exclusive Limited Edition Print
:: FREE FRAME & FREE DELIVERY (UK Mainland only)

Hand written title

Numbered by hand

'On the Roof'
A stunning limited edition of only 250, comes with free frame, mount and delivery in the UK, by SD Morley 2005.

Commissioned by ourselves, this unique print is available through our partnership with art studio Studio1882.

Exclusive to ourselves and Studio1882, you won't find this print anywhere else in the world!

(Free delivery to UK Mainland only)

Click here for more details and how to buy (via eBay)

This amazing print is professionally framed in the highest quality of frames - Nielsen, these frames are among the industries highest regarded products. The print is mounted on a wide classic white mount giving in a contemporary gallery style. The frame is in beautiful solid oiled birch wood, glazed with glass which complements any interior. It is ready to hang & will look amazing on your wall!

These frames are superb and would cost you well over £40 to have a similar size professionally framed on the high street.


Printed on quality 130g/m2 Paper, the framed size is 40 x 40cm, print size, including print no./title & signature is 19 x 19cm

(Free delivery is UK Mainland, outlying islands & NI only - does not include Channel Islands)

Goodies relating to The Italian Job film and/or the Mighty Mini
Please note that the items below are not supplied by us.
There is a lot of stuff around, but we thought we'd show you the way to the best. Prices were correct at the time of writing.
:: DVD - Buy the Movie

DVD + Special Features
Get The Italian Job on DVD!

Special Features:
Documentary featuring interviews with writer Troy Kennedy Martin, production designer Disley Jones and stunt coordinator Derek Ware, 'Blue Danube Waltz' deleted scene, Original theatrical trailers, U.S. TV spots, Interactive menu, Scene access.

Only £5.99 Delivered
If you scroll down on Play there are other related items/boxsets
:: The Italian Job Soundtrack CD

Get a Bloomin' Move On!!
Blimey, Play.com really have come up trumps with all things The Italian Job - I thought the soundtrack would be hard to find!

All the music you'll ever need for in the car.
Warning, listening to 'Get a Bloomin' Move On' whilst driving will probably result in a speeding ticket!

Only £11.99 Delivered from Play.com
www.play.com | www.moviegrooves.com | www.amazon.co.uk
:: 'The Making of The Italian Job' Book

By Matthew Field

Fans of 'The Italian Job' have had to wait a long time for a book which chronicles the making of what is now a 'cult' film in the annals of British movie making. The author has hit the nail on the head with a fact filled book, which will delight those with an interest in this 'Mini-fest'.

Get it from Play.com, it's cheap & free delivery!
£11.99 Delivered
:: Stay at the Fiat 'Track on Roof' Factory! - Now a Hotel

Le Meridien Lingotto, Turin
Le Meridien Lingotto has been spectacularly converted from the ancient Fiat automobile factory.

Glass walls from the original Fiat factory remain creating light and spacious rooms and suites. Guests can use the former Fiat car testing track on the roof of the building as a unique jogging area.
:: Monte Carlo Rally 1967 Winning Replica

1/18 Mini Cooper 1275 S
We are delighted to announce that Kyosho have re-released this 1/18 scale replica of the Mini Cooper from the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally. Featuring all the detail that we have come to expect from Kyosho, as well as the usual host of working features, the replica measures approximately 9" (23cm) in length.

(Also a 1994 Monte Carlo Mini on the site)
:: Corgi Vanguards 'Italian Job Classic Edition' Model Set

Three Coopers, the E-type Jag and Morris van at 1:43 scale

(Corgi's models are never quite right - why is the jag purple, why has the blue Mini got a lamp missing? They also do other Mini's with incorrect driving lamps. They also did a set with the coach, but the Mini's didn't even have driving lamps! - Ed)

www.automodels.co.uk | Various Minis from Corgi
:: Monte Carlo Winning Minis Model Set

1964 to 1967 - 4 Works Minis
The Mini Cooper S astounded the racing world with successive victories in the Rallye Monte Carlo (though disqualified on a Gallic-inspired technicality over the headlight bulbs in 1966!). Each 1:43 scale model is a replica of the winning car in each year.

:: Poster - 30th Anniversary 1999 Re-release | Photo's

Theatre poster from the 1999 Re-release
This is a great poster, celebrating 30 years of The Italian Job. Check out the other Italian Job posters and photos that they have.

www.moviemarket.co.uk | www.moviestore.com
:: The Italian Job Experience

I wonder if you can drive down the steps?
Wanna get married 'Italian Job' style? or how about simply drivin' around Charlie Croker Style... you need The Italian Job experience!

:: Rare & Original Vintage Posters

Some of these are £1000's!
You've gotta be a serious fan to spend that kind of money, although many say they are a sound investment.


:: Mousemat

This is great
A mousemat based on the design of the funky 1999 re-release poster. We haven't actually bought one, so don't know what the quality is like - look OK though!

£7.99 Delivered
:: Videogame's

Available on various platforms
There are two games, one older game based on the 1969 film (Pictured) and the other on the new 2003 film. Take your pick.

:: The Paddy Hopkirk Story: A Dash of the Irish - Book

Paddy Hopkirk, winner of the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, is one of Britain's best-known rally drivers and made the motorsport big time in Mini Coopers. From winning at a 1955 St Patrick's Day Trial in a VW Beetle to the 1990 Pirelli Classic Marathon, won in a Mini Cooper S, his glittering career is described in all its glory, with lots of tales of amusing escapades along the way.

:: If you haven't got one... Buy a Mini!

Mini's for Sale
Try MiniWorld it's way better than Autotrader, there are loads of Minis for sale, from customs to some of the last made, it's all here! Also, the photos are decent - they're huge, which always helps.

Follow the links to the MiniWorld classified
www.miniworld.co.uk | www.britishminiclub.co.uk
:: G15's 'Gent International' Album

Featuring 'Three Mini Coopers' Track
We don't know if the album is any good, but it features a great remix of 'Getta a Bloomin' Move On', called 'Three Mini Coopers'.

'Three Mini Coopers' by G15 (910kb)

:: Tamiya XB Mini Cooper 94 Monte Carlo

Remote Control Car
Includes 7.2V Battery & Mains Charger
A fully assembled R/C car on the M-03 chassis. Body comes pre-painted and marked with markings from the 1994 Monte Carlo Rally. Bumper and grille feature metal plated finish.

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