Aka's: n/a
Nationality: British
Role: Bridgers 'sidekick'
Previous Convictions: n/a

Memorable Quote:
"They say he's going to do a job in Italy"
Real name: Graham Payn
Born: 25th April 1918 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Died: Nov. 4th 2005 at the home he had shared with Noël Coward in Les Avants, in the Swiss Alps above Montreux. He was 87.

Longtime companion, lover and executor of the estate of Noel Coward.
They lived together for years, sharing a seaside home near Dover, UK.

In 1931 Payn met his life-long companion NoëlCoward, at an audition for Words and Music in London. Their relationship lasted until Cowards death and in 1994 Graham Payn published My Life with Noël Coward, which contained many previously unpublished writings.

Graham Payn wrote a book with Barry Day called 'My Life with Noel Coward'. Payn also wrote 'The Noel Coward Diaries' and part wrote 'Noel Coward and his Friends'


Jigsaw (1962)
The Astonished Heart (1949)
Boys in Brown (1949)
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